Stories by Eric Knorr

Enterprising new portals

Nothing makes a job tougher than having to scrounge for the right information. Glenn Kelman, vice president of marketing and product development at Plumtree Software, likes to cite Mazda Motor as an example of how employee-facing enterprise portals provide a convenient toolbox for people who would otherwise waste time gathering scattered resources.

User happiness, one portal at a time

Portals seldom come from the top down, across an entire organization. Instead, they grow department by department, beginning with where they're needed most.

Developers show their independent streak

Web applications rule the enterprise. That's the indisputable conclusion to be drawn from this year's InfoWorld Programming Survey. Despite imperitives from Microsoft Corp. and others that developers abandon server-based HTML apps for fat desktop clients, the ease of "zero deployment" through the browser continues to win the day.

Getting the most from Microsoft .Net

"Our primary focus is writing apps that people use all day, every day," says Jeff Murray, proprietor of Jeff Murray's Programming Shop. That's one reason he decided against an HTML interface for his Ryan White CareWare, an application used by more than 250 providers of services to HIV patients in the United States.

Computing by subscription

A new breed of service company promises to deliver PCs, software, and great tech support for a low monthly fee. Should you get aboard?