Stories by Siobhan McBride and Sandra Rossi

Users rate vendors on quality, performance

How does your vendor rate as a supplier? Are you happy with your support and services? When it comes to rating vendors, customers are ideally placed to recount their own, first-hand experiences. Put simply customers are on the frontline. There are no analyst reports or vendor brochures that can match the real-world assessment of a customer. In a bid to set the ratings landscape, Siobhan McBride and Sandra Rossi polled readers asking them to nominate the top two vendors they'd dealt with recently and those who didn't come up to scratch.

IT holds purse strings but shares spending decisions

When it comes to technology purchasing decisions IT has the clout, but forward-thinking organizations know the road to successful IT-business alignment is paved with bricks of teamwork and cemented with a shared vision.

Technology - friend or foe?

The ultimate goal of many IT projects today is increased employee productivity but organizations soon discover that technology can be more of a foe, than friend.

IT opts out of 'porn cop' role

Keen to avoid being portrayed as the "porn cops" of Australian enterprise, IT managers claim HR departments are shirking their responsibilities when it comes to enforcing e-mail and Internet misuse policies in the workplace.

Branch-office syndrome gets users offside

Poor levels of product support plague local CIOs who claim they are treated like a branch office economy while vendors focus on the core markets of Europe and North America.