Stories by Tash Shifrin

E-mails confirm HMRC mistake was attempt to save money

E-mails released by the National Audit Office have confirmed that officials at HM Revenue and Customs did not want to remove sensitive information from child benefit data sent to the auditors because this would cost extra.

ICO pushes to criminalize data leaks

Criminal charges for data security breaches like that at HM Revenue and Customs could be brought against both organizations and individuals, if new laws proposed by the data protection watchdog are introduced.

HMRC kept bank data on lost discs to save money, say Tories

HM Revenue and Customs failed to "desensitise" the data on 25 million people that it lost in transit to the National Audit Office because removing bank details and other sensitive information would have required an extra payment to data management contractor EDS, the Conservative Party has claimed.

Foreign Office breached Data Protection Act

The UK Foreign Office has been slammed for breaching the Data Protection Act after a probe by the Information Commissioner into a security flaw on a website used by people applying for UK visas.

SAP unfazed by rise of SAAS model, says CEO

SAP will not plunge into competing in the Software as a Service (SAAS) market for large companies, despite its launch of a hosted enterprise resource planning suite earlier this year, its chief executive has said.