Stories by Daniel Verton

Report illuminates NATO's hi-tech problems

Although NATO nations contributed significantly to the success of the 78-day air war in Kosovo, the significant high-tech "imbalance" between US forces and its NATO allies could have long-term implications for the effectiveness of the alliance, a Pentagon report concluded.

Linux Takes NOAA by Storm

In what may be the first competitive government contract involving the Linux operating system, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last month tagged a Reston, Virginia-based company to provide a Linux-based supercomputer that promises drastic improvements in the ability to forecast dangerous weather patterns.

Russians agree to Y2K warning centre

More than six months after negotiations began, US and Russian Federation officials have signed a statement supporting the creation of a joint warning centre that would help avoid an accidental launch of nuclear weapons that could result from system malfunctions caused by Year 2000-related computer problems.

US Defense prioritises Y2K poblems

The US Defense Department has instructed all military commanders to maintain their units' ability to go to war in the event of widespread year 2000-related critical infrastructure failures, relegating local community assistance to the bottom of the department's priority list.

DOD expands Net for ground forces

In anticipation of using ground forces as either peacekeepers or in a tactical offensive against Serb forces, the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has started a massive program to expand communications services throughout the European theatre.

IBM Upgrades SP Server

IBM Corp. last week unleashed a more powerful version of its RS/6000 SP server system, which brings supercomputer power to bear on data mining, scientific modeling and simulation, and online transaction processing.

HP beefs up high-end Unix server line

Hewlett-Packard this month announced its latest high-end, Unix-based server, reaffirming the company's commitment to the Unix operating system and its own reduced instruction-set computing (RISC) processor architecture.

EU may investigate US global spy network

The European Union is considering launching a full-scale investigation into whether the US National Security Agency (NSA) is abusing its massive and highly advanced surveillance network to spy on government and private groups around the world.