Stories by Tim Fielden

Change management made easy, flexible

With business software shifting to the Internet and software development projects moving at Internet speed, software change requests are coming faster, more frequently, and with greater urgency than ever before.

Installers ease app distribution pains

If your company uses different platforms and OSes, it can be difficult to standardize on any one installation method. Many developers simply don't have time to create reliable installers.

PEERING INTO THE FUTURE: Text mining promises to cull answers from random text

If it is true that everything has already been written, then it's also true that every question has already been answered. The catch is creating a search engine that can find those answers regardless of what sort of document they were written in.
The use of data mining technologies lets a company easily extract knowledge about its data via well-formed schemes such as relational tables - and it is beginning to be a common business practice.

IBM raises bar with latest version of WebSphere

Now that the Internet has gained acceptance as a viable medium for conducting business, the new challenge for corporations has become how to make their old static Web pages richer and more dynamic.

WebSphere Studio Covers All the Bases

Given the continuing e-commerce explosion, it's no wonder that corporations spend so much time and money looking for the perfect toolkit for developing dynamic Web applications. Of course, there are lots of choices out there, and to complicate matters even further, your applications must be capable of communicating with your application server. But thanks to IBM Corp. and its new WebSphere Studio 3.5, the choices have been narrowed and the challenges lessened.

VisualAge Makes Developing Java Apps Easy

Unless you are doing business at the bottom of the ocean, chances are extremely good that your company is or will be doing some form of Java development in the near future. With that realization comes the fact that standardizing on a development tool is essential for not only establishing and maintaining team synergy but for keeping productivity high as well.

Latest OS/400 Bolsters E-Business

I still get a chuckle over the way people react whenever I mention the words "AS/400" and "enterprise class" in the same sentence. Yes, I admit to being biased toward the platform, having spent many years using it. But I still find it amazing that some people continue to think of the AS/400 as a mere green-screen, report-based system. It's actually a very reliable, open, scalable, and easy-to-use server that's suitable for all kinds of enterprise applications, whether they be batch or interactive workloads, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, or business intelligence suites.

InstantQA Gets Clean Code to Market Fast

Those of us who have been in the software development game awhile know that inspection of our designs and source code is imperative to reducing defect rates. In four years as a software developer at IBM Corp., I learned firsthand the importance of code inspection early in the life cycle of a project, long before the testing or deployment phases begin.

IBM AS/400 Proves Its Prowess

For this article, I looked at both the business and technical impacts that arose from merging our fictitious small company, Smallco, with its new parent, Bigcorp. Although Smallco had existed quite well using only an IBM Corp. Model 170 AS/400, which provided file-and-print services via OS/400 and e-mail via Lotus Domino for the AS/400, corporate edict necessitated a change in the current infrastructure to acknowledge Bigcorp's systems. The new environment would add a Windows NT Server with Domino for e-mail, a NetWare 5 server for file-and-print sharing, and a Sun Solaris server with the iPlanet Netscape Directory Server for LDAP.

Make the Most of Java With PersonalJava

For those companies that are making honest strides toward supporting wireless, mobile-computing devices in their enterprises, many programming challenges exist. The need to balance performance, predictability, and robustness while making your applications suitable for the limited footprint of these resource-constrained devices makes them a difficult platform for which to design applications.

Max 2.0 Sleuths Meaning from Biz Data

You know that stored away in your data archives is a treasure trove of information that you could use to make faster and more efficient business decisions. But boiling that data down into a usable nugget has never been easy. Fortunately, many fine tools have emerged that mitigate these problems by offering easy-to-use, highly graphical, and powerful data-mining solutions.

ArgoUML Offers Unique Decision Support

For companies that are just getting started with UML (Unified Modeling Language), a method of visually depicting business processes, the range of diagram types, semantics, and notation can be forbiddingly complex. Worse, most UML software packages assume a baseline level of familiarity with the technology. So, unless you know your way around UML, the methods may actually complicate, rather than simplify, development projects.

RMS Occupies a Unique Host-Access Niche

The vast majority of system administrators are looking for ways to efficiently extend legacy systems and applications to the Web. The dramatic cost savings that can be achieved by making such data available to local and remote end-users is well known by now. But it can be a confusing endeavor.