Stories by Joanne Lee-Young

Singapore Tel to open Sesami

After losing last year's takeover battle for Hong Kong's dominant telephone company to Richard Li's Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. (PCW) , Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SGTJY) is back in town. This time to merge its b-to-b arm with a consortium of players that includes most of Hong Kong's biggest business names with one major exception: Li's famous tycoon father, Li Ka-Shing.

CNET-Ziff-Davis Merger Leaves Wondering

The effects of a merger deal between CNET and Ziff-Davis in July are rippling overseas. CNET announced Wednesday that it would buy's entire stake in CNET Asia, a joint venture the two companies had set up in March 1998, for $6 million in cash.

China Wants to Assign Its Own Net Addresses

From day one, the Chinese government has wanted to control the Internet content that its citizens are able to receive. Moreover, it has demonstrated that if there is money to be made from the Internet, it wants in on that, too. In a move that seems to combine both desires, Beijing has decreed that only mainland Chinese firms may assign Chinese-language addresses.

Hong Kong's Boy Wonder

The marketing consultant from Los Angeles wipes his sweaty forehead with his sleeve, joking that he could sure use a stiff drink, as Richard Li grills him mercilessly. In a meeting room in London, Hong Kong's brightest cyberstar quizzes the consultant about the services he's pitching, disputes his figures and shoots down his views on everything from online advertising to the future of set-top boxes. Between attacks, Li relaxes into boredom, sighing out loud and then walking out of the room to take a call, leaving the consultant in midsentence. Before it's over, the consultant apologizes for suggesting that he knows more than one of Li's lieutenants. Li is unmoved. "You should be [sorry]," he scolds.

Star TV, CyberWorks Spar in India

An announcement that Star TV has bought a stake in a big cable network in India could heat up a rivalry there with Richard Li's Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. Both companies want to target the lucrative Indian market with interactive entertainment services. But Star TV - a company that Li actually started, and then sold to Rupert Murdoch - seems to have beaten CyberWorks at jumping on some of the pipes that will deliver these goods.

CyberWorks, Telstra Say Deal Is On Track

After speculation in the press that no news might be bad news, Richard Li's Pacific Century CyberWorks and Australia's Telstra announced Thursday that they are indeed still happily engaged, and the wedding is still on.

HK Portal Lays Off 80 Staff

HONG KONG (07/31/2000) - Less than two weeks after it welcomed a new CEO, the
Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.-backed China portal Ltd. announced that it has
laid off 80 staffers - 16 percent of its work force. Loses Its Top Cat

The chief executive officer who led through Hong Kong's most frenzied Internet IPO and once dubbed it a seed for creating the "Time Warner of China" has left the company.

List of 'Love Bug' suspects grows

Authorities trying to track down the creators of the "Love Bug" computer virus have widened their nets to include more than 40 people on their list of possible suspects, most of them students at Manila's Amable Mendoza Aguiluz Computer College.