Stories by Sandra Rossi, Howard Dahdah and Julian Bajkowski

Busting spam

Australia has joined the European Union and the United States in drafting anti-spam legislation which is set to be introduced next year.
While 90 per cent of spam into Australia is sourced from overseas, new laws will be critical in stemming the tide of this growing menace.
The Federal Government estimates spam makes up to 20 per cent of e-mails in Australia topping one billion messages last year, more than double the previous year. In response IT managers have introduced policies, processes and filtering technologies not only to protect their organisations against legal liability but to tackle the productivity and financial burden created by unsolicited e-mails.
This special two part series examines the Spam Bill 2003 and its consequences for Australian business. It also takes a global look at the technologies and trends that have emerged in the battle against bulging inboxes.