Stories by Geoffrey Hollander

FileMaker Tool Adds Web Capabilities

If your organization is like many others, there's a good chance you use a FileMaker Inc. FileMaker Pro database for tasks such as managing workgroups, analyzing sales information, creating online catalogs, and sharing data among users. Considering the frequency with which your users access FileMaker Pro for these crucial functions, there is an even better chance that you would be interested in extending the functionality of FileMaker Pro to save development time, decrease training costs, and increase employee productivity.

Database Commander 1.10 Brings Together Formats

If the formula for a killer application is to combine powerful and unique features with ease of use and a reasonable sticker price, then Database Commander 1.10 (Enterprise Manager Edition) by CDA International Ltd.'s easily reaches critical mass -- and then some.

Forecast Pro Presages Data

Most businesses rely on guesswork when forecasting future sales, production, or inventory figures. Some sacrifice accuracy simply by tacking a percentage onto last year's figures; others turn to the marketing or sales team, where forecasting is often confused with goal-setting.

Product review: Rough edges snag Paradox 9 upgrade

Paradox has long been a robust end-user database, but the product has struggled with usability issues and the demands of fluent integration with other WordPerfect and Microsoft Office 2000 programs.

Product Review: Access 2000 makes its move to the Web

Whether you're creating a simple database for managing contacts and customers or building a full-scale relational data system, Microsoft's Access 2000 provides an easy way for users at all levels to find, manage, and share critical business data.

Product review: Alpha Five combines simplicity, power

If you are looking for a database that's easier to use than Microsoft Access and yet offers plenty of power, then you would do well to consider the venerable Alpha Five, a simple, powerful, and elegant relational database.