Stories by Richard Gincel

Suite helps Goodwill widen circle of outreach

What does it take to run one of the nation's oldest and largest social services agencies? Ask the IT team at Goodwill Industries-Suncoast in Florida, U.S., and they'll proudly tell you about Support 2020. The name alone suggests a clear vision of the road ahead.

Advanced analytics helps Arizona Cardinals

It's a pity that this year's edition of the Arizona Cardinals, a U.S. football team, is struggling so mightily in the field, because the organization's IT team is putting together a championship season. Through a combination of teamwork, timing, and bold strategy, Technology Director Mark Feller transformed the brand-new Cardinal Stadium -- already a crown jewel of NFL venues -- into a high-tech wonderland. Working with IT solutions provider Insight and Cisco Systems, the Cardinals have succeeded in building out one of the world's most sophisticated converged IP networks.

How to get a job at Google

Attention job hunters. Google is hiring. In fact, it's having a problem finding enough people with the right talent and skills to fill all its openings. So what's the best way to get your foot in the door? When you visit Google's career page, you're greeted with the question: "Can one conversation change the world?" To find out what that means, Richard Gincel had a meaningful conversation with Judy Gilbert, staffing program director at Google, who covered the bases for anyone interested in working for a company that, according to its own description, "offers the freedom of a startup with the stability of a large, profitable, and growing company."

Blazing trails with open source

It's often said that open source doesn't innovate. It imitates. That's certainly what the proprietary software industry would have you believe. And to look at the activity in some of the most prominent open source projects in use in enterprises today, it's tempting to agree.

VOIP: The next frontier

InfoWorld associate editor Richard Gincel interviews VOIP expert Jeff Snyder, chief analyst at Gartner, who reveals what the future holds for converged communications.

Trickle-down BI

Once the province of business analysts, financial managers and upper management in Mahogony Row, business intelligence - or its translation into what products to sell when and to whom - is reaching into the daily workplace. Richard Gincel reports

Refining enterprise search

Anyone who has been transfixed by a gymnast or a figure skater knows that the magic happens when they perform flawlessly and yet make it seem easy. That's how a search should work: Enter a query, and the right results appear in simple, elegant fashion -- even if it took countless hours of preparation to make the magic possible.