Stories by Dave Webb

RIM answers iPhone frenzy with BlackBerry Bold

The Boldest BlackBerry yet made its North American debut last week, with Rogers Wireless and Research in Motion launching RIM’s first HSPA-capable handset at Rogers’s Canadian headquarters.

Five hot -- and cool -- storage technologies

Down economy or not, the growing appetite for enterprise data storage won't be sated anytime soon, if ever. The rise of data-heavy multimedia files, new customer touchpoints, evolving reporting and compliance standards and other trends are contributing to near exponential growth rates in the amount of data created and stored in the digital universe.

Bullet-Point Briefing: ProCurve's GM speaks out

For years, it's been Cisco Systems versus the field in the network infrastructure race. But ProCurve, Hewlett-Packard's networking equipment arm, has made inroads since 2000, outpacing the industry in growth and closing the Cisco gap. Gartner pushed ProCurve from challenger's quadrant to leader's quadrant in the market recently. John McHugh, vice-president and GM of the division, spoke about the state of the networking market, how the industry dodges economic downturns and the 50-year trend in business that we're haflway through.

Fortinet claims price/performance breakthrough

Unified threat management company Fortinet is claiming "breakthrough" price-performance for its new security appliance -- the first device to offer firewalling at a cost of under CDN$1 per Mbps throughput, according to senior product marketing manager Jason Wright.

Combining apps in a virtual environment

Managers have to be cognizant of the personalities in play on their work teams. They aim for a mix of complementary characters to maximize team depth and minimize friction and conflict. When building a virtualized server environment, network architects and administrators face the same challenge teaming up applications on a single server.

Case Study: Offsite storage a snug fit for Adidas Canada

Adidas Canada's headquarters in Ontario, just north of Toronto, supports a head office of about 120 staff; a high-tech distribution facility serving 4,000 retail outlets from Brantford, Ontario, with a staff of about 100; a 30-seat call center in suburban Montreal; a small showroom in Burnaby, B.C.; about 50 sales reps flogging the Adidas and Taylor Made Golf lines across the country, and a fast-growing owned-retail arm operating 12 stores, with a flagship store still to open at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto -- "The Times Square of Toronto," as CIO Paul Leone puts it.

Seven trends in network security

Moore's Law, the evolution of Web 2.0 applications and virtualization are among the trends influencing the network security industry, according to unified threat management vendor Fortinet.

HP thinks green with storage array lineup

There are two clearly emerging trends coming out of Hewlett-Packard's StorageWorks Conference in Las Vegas this week: HP's going green, and the future is in blades.