Stories by Ashlee Vance

Oracle shows gains in third quarter

Despite a decline in new software licenses, Oracle showed an uptick in overall revenue for its third quarter as the company reported its latest financial results.

Oracle shows gains in third quarter

Despite a decline in new software licenses, Oracle Corp. showed an uptick in overall revenue for its third quarter as the company Tuesday reported its latest financial results.

Researchers set data speed record from US to Europe

A handful of research bodies around the world published record network speed results on Monday, showing a huge boost in the flow of data across both wide area networks and between local systems linked closely together.

Authors spar over HP-Compaq merger

The tale of Hewlett-Packard Co.'s acquisition of Compaq Computer Corp. is one of intrigue, executive wrangling and even allusions to castration, according to two authors who penned books on the topic and discussed their viewpoints last recently.

Sun's P-to-P project passes 1 million downloads

Sun Microsystems has crossed the million download mark for its peer-to-peer platform known as Jxta and is seeing early signs of the technology making its way into customers' applications, the company said Tuesday.

Sun tries to change software game with Orion

Sun Microsystems Inc. has laid out details of a new program called project Orion that will see the company ship all of its key software products packaged with the Solaris operating system in synchronized quarterly releases.

McNealy: Sun will not change

Acknowledging that scepticism about Sun Microsystems Inc. is "at an all-time high," the company's top executive brushed off threats to Sun's business posed by industry-standard hardware and software and told financial analysts Monday that Sun will continue to thrive.

IBM speeds up low-end Unix server

IBM Corp. has pepped up a low end server in its Unix line with the addition of one of the latest Power4 processors, the company said Friday.

Sun has two surprises in store for users

Sun Microsystems Inc. plans to announce two new technologies in the coming weeks, one of which will help it catch up to rivals IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. and another that could help it take a step past the competition.

Timeline claims victory in SQL Server case

A Washington court has issued a judgement against Microsoft Corp. in a case that could prove costly for certain customers and partners who use its SQL Server database, according to software vendor Timeline Inc., which opposed Microsoft in the case.

IDF - Intel CEO remains optimistic on road ahead

Craig Barrett, chief executive officer at Intel, kicked off his company's developer conference on Tuesday with a familiar message, saying ever-increasing computing power can stir growth in the currently depressed technology industry.

IDF - Intel sheds more light on server processors

Intel Corp. revealed new details on both its Xeon and Itanium server processors on Tuesday, as the company continues its quest to unseat IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. from their positions atop the high-end server market.

IBM adds to midrange storage line

IBM has bolstered the midrange of its storage hardware line with the release of two new products that aim to improve on the speed and features of previous systems, the company announced Monday.