Stories by Jana Sanchez

TELECOM 99: Gates demos WinCE smart phone

Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates demonstrated here today a prototype of a Windows CE-based smart phone capable of accessing the internet, and said his company has changed its vision statement to reflect the importance of such devices.
Microsoft's original vision was "a PC in every home and on every desk," he said, but that vision is no longer big enough.

TELECOM 99: Global One: 'We are here to stay'

Executives of Global One Communications said yesterday that they will remain in business even if two of their shareholders pull out. At the same time, they confirmed that "at least one" of the three will stay on board.

TELECOM 99: Microsoft launches mobile onslaught

In a renewed effort to supply technology to the telecommunications industry, Microsoft has announced that it will launch new products and services for mobile telephone carriers, designed to provide mobile access to data for end users.

BT, AT&T form global mobile phone alliance

British Telecommunications PLC and AT&T Corp yesterday extended their existing relationship to form a global alliance they say will facilitate seamless mobile communications services worldwide.

IBM Unveils New RS/6000 -- the S80

IBM Corp. is launching a series of new RS/6000-related products, services and software today, including new Unix servers designed to compete with Compaq Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Sun Microsystems Inc. in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market and at the high end of the Unix market.

Ericsson, Mannesmann to put WAP, Bluetooth in cars

Ericsson and Mannesmann are cooperating to produce mobile communication systems that will eventually use WAP (wireless application protocol) and Bluetooth to allow equipment in a car's cockpit to communicate with each other and the internet.

BT's Profit, Revenue Up in First Quarter

British Telecommunications PLC (BT) turned in significant increases in revenues in the first quarter ended June 30, 1999. However, the U.K. carrier's profits rose to a lesser degree, as margins for the carrier continue to be driven down by growing competition and increased expenses.
BT's total revenues in the first quarter increased 17.6 percent to reach 4.98 billion [B] pounds (US$7.9 billion [B]), up from 4.2 billion [B] the year earlier. BT credited growth in its mobile and solutions businesses as well as its international ventures for the increased revenues.

NTL Buys CWC Cable, FT Buys More of NTL

Ending months of battles and speculation, Cable & Wireless Communications PLC's cable operations will go to NTL Corp., thanks to financial backing from France Telecom SA.
CWC has accepted NTL's offer to purchase CWC's domestic cable networks. The deal, when completed, will create the largest cable company in the U.K. and will position NTL to compete with British Telecommunications PLC in delivering both local telephone service and broadband Internet access to the consumer market in the U.K. The combined company will provide telephony and cable TV to 2.8 million customers in the U.K. and Ireland.

UPDATE: Microsoft Buys STNC

Microsoft Corp. has acquired STNC, a U.K.-based software development company whose software provides access to intranets and the Internet from mobile devices, including phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants).
The company will be fully integrated into Microsoft's productivity appliances division, Microsoft announced today in a statement. STNC's technology will be used in future digital cellular products to let users read e-mail, view calendars and access the Internet, Microsoft said.
STNC's software will allow mobile professionals to access information on the move. Currently, there are no released products running the software, said Ran Mokady, chief executive officer of STNC in an interview with IDG News Service today.

Lucent income soars 60 per cent in Q3

Lucent Technologies yesterday reported large increases in its net profit for the third fiscal quarter ended June 30, and credited the results to growth in sales of equipment for next-generation networks to telecommunications carriers.
The networking and telecommunications equipment company's net income increased 60 per cent to $US829 million, up from $518 million in the same quarter of last year, excluding one-time merger-related costs, Lucent announced yesterday.

NTL Buys BT Cable, Plans Net Upgrade for U.K.

NTL Inc. has purchased from British Telecommunications PLC two cable franchises in key British markets, and plans to upgrade the networks for digital cable, interactive services and high-speed Internet access, it said in a press statement.
The two franchises, located in Westminster, central London, and in Milton Keynes, just north of London, cover about 210,000 homes, most of which are passed by broadband networks, NTL said. The Westminster franchise, in particular, is viewed by analysts as important because of its affluent population and the fact that many of the country's decision-makers live within the franchise.

CWC, France Telecom Confirm NTL Talks

British cable and telecommunications operator Cable & Wireless Communications PLC (CWC) today issued a short statement confirming that it is in discussions with its cable competitor, NTL Inc., concerning the transfer of various businesses from CWC.

Home Networks Increase in Europe and U.S.

Twenty-one percent of homes in the U.S. will be networked with wireless and wired technology by the year 2005, according to a new study released yesterday.
Multiple home PCs and mobile phones will drive the trend, according to Strategy Analytics, a U.K.-based telecom and new media analysis firm.

Psion, IBM tie up on handheld apps

Psion Enterprise Computing, a newly formed division of the UK's Psion PLC, will produce a new sub-notebook device that will allow users of IBM applications to connect with corporate servers to exchange information while working remotely.