Stories by Christine Perey

Opinion: If you can't beat IM join IM

Instant messaging was never invited to the communications party in the enterprise -- it crashed the party, and now IT managers must find a way to control IM before the dining room table gets smashed.

Analysis: Real-time apps

A sales engineer is at a customer site demonstrating a new release of a product. The customer's CTO asks a question the sales engineer can't answer, so he opens the presence-enabled corporate directory on his laptop and sees that the product manager and technical team leader are online and available.

But Implementation is Still Fuzzy

Video streaming and videoconferencing improve communication and collaboration between geographically dispersed employees, partners and customers while reducing the time and costs associated with logging traditional "face time."

Videoconferencing Picture Clears Up

Despite the growing list of benefits for end users, real-time videoconferencing still poses more issues than answers in the minds of network managers. Companies that purchased first- and even second- generation systems paid dearly and were rewarded with less-than-TV-quality video, complex user interfaces, low reliability and limited centralized network management capabilities.