Stories by Jeanne-Vida Douglas

Com Tech cuts staff

Twenty-one Com Tech employees have lost their jobs as a result of a slow down in new-economies, according to the companies online general manager David Bowie.

PowerTel, Boeing alliance unveils mega-pipe

In a boost for regional broadband services, telecommunications provider PowerTel, together with communications and aeronautics company Boeing, has launched its Pacific Innovation Corridor (PIC) on the Gold Coast today.

Microsoft drives final nail in StarWorks

Second-hand PC dealers were reminded of their licensing obligations today as The Federal Court decided against Theresa Milosevic, former director of StarWorks, ruling the used PC trader had engaged in the sale of unlicensed software.

Intermedia rescues QLD IT goodwill

In a dramatic new twist, Queensland distributor Intermedia Computers has agreed to purchase the QLD IT trading name, goodwill, customer list, intellectual property, domain name and e-commerce software as the younger maverick company sinks into liquidation.

Local assembly channel welcomes P4

Australian PC manufacturers, outsourcers and integrators have come out in support of Intel's Pentium 4 released last week, although initial sales are expected to be slow.

Government outsourcing under microscope

Amidst the din of the Melbourne Cup and the US Presidential election, the Federal Government announced a "small scale" review into its controversial IT outsourcing policies.

Microsoft scores in SA

The South Australian Government has committed $10.5 million to a Microsoft licensing agreement covering 14,600 desktops.

Sundata basks in IBM glow

Queensland-based integrator Sundata has taken the red ribbon, being the second company to become an IBM Certified for e-business Business Partner in the Australia/New Zealand region.

KAZ Thais up deal

Integrator to develop superannuation administration system for Thai Government

KAZ Thais up new deal

Australian integration and outsourcer KAZ Computer Services has entered into a deal which will see it develop a superannuation administration system for the Thai government and three superannuation schemes run by the Thai Farmers Bank.
Peter Kazacos, KAZ managing director, said the agreement would position the company to take advantage of other outsourcing opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The virus that stole Christmas

Christmas cheer is apparently enough to make your computer sick, following a new worm hole virus hitting companies across the US.

Unisys West gets Justice on its side

The scales of justice have tipped in favour of a cooperative approach to outsourcing, following Unisys West's winning a Western Australian Ministry of Justice contract.

UPDATE: Senate outsourcing inquiry called

The Department for Finance and Administration (DOFA) has gone to ground, refusing to comment on whether timetables for the remaining tenders are threatened by the public Senate inquiry announced yesterday.

UPDATE: IT outsourcing divides Government ranks

CSIRO staff representatives are meeting with Federal Finance and Administration Minister John Fahey this afternoon in the wake of Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Resources, Senator Nick Minchin's criticisms of the Government's IT outsourcing policies.