Stories by Jeanne-Vida Douglas

Sun makes Star Office twinkle for whitebox resellers

Sun Microsystems is making a serious pitch into the whitebox space with a series of AMD-Opteron workstation and server bundles, as well as aggressively priced Star Office and Java Desktop System (JDS) offerings.

Objects, sunspots and sleeping with the giant

Sun president Jonathan Schwartz sure knows how to keep us all in suspense. Although he announced in the beginning of June the company’s plans to ‘open-source’ Solaris he has yet to provide any indication of when developers might get a look inside the high-level operating system. Nor is he telling anyone how the company plans to organize licensing arrangements once the code is opened to an eager public.

Disaster recovery takes a positive twist

Some companies put it at the low end of their priorities, wise companies are putting disaster recovery at the top of the list and leveraging it to attract more business. Jeanne-Vida Douglass reports

SOA whats all the fuss about?

With companies of all shapes and sizes looking to their software developers for productivity enhancing solutions, outsourcing continues to spark debate, while an odd mix of middleware, Web services and distributive computing may be just the solution to saving bickies. Jeanne-Vida Douglas reports

Maxtor and Quantum seal the deal

After months of deliberations, Maxtor and Quantum shareholders have finally agreed to the merger announced in September last year. The deal will see Quantum HDD shareholders receive 1.25 shares in Maxtor for each Quantum HDD share.

Another virus targets da boyz...

Virus writers are again targeting a mostly male audience with reports from the US and the UK of a new worm that pretends to be a graphic image of a woman.

KAZ steals IBM GSA thunder

ASX-listed outsourcing company KAZ Computer Services has snatched a 4-year IT outsourcing deal from under the nose of competitor IBM GSA.

Primur gains Momentum

Sydney-based specialised software vendor Momentum has signed a distribution agreement with IBM AS/400 consultants and outsourcing company Primur Systems and Resources. Under the terms of the agreement, Primur will integrate Momentum's reporting and electronic form applications into a range of data management solutions aimed at IBM AS/400-dependant manufacturing businesses throughout Sydney.

Feds announce IT innovation spending

The Australian government's grand plan for the IT future of Australia was launched Monday at Sydney's Technology Park Redfern. Despite the pro-active subtitle, which read "an innovation action plan for the future", the government's statement focused on increases in research funding, as well as providing improved tax concessions for private sector research and development.

KAZ keeps growing

ASX-listed outsourcing company KAZ Computer Services has confirmed its acquisition of Australian Administration Services (AAS).

VMware takes off in the channel

In a boost for the local distribution channel, US-based software vendor VMware has shunned a direct sales model in favour of taking its product through the channel.

KIT BAG: Storage sans complexity

Looking for a new party trick? Just mention storage area network (SAN) implementation issues to a gathering of network integrators. There'll be plenty of clearing of throats, looking at watches and shuffling towards exits.
Is the subject all too difficult? Innovations in the SAN environment have left vendors scrambling to stake their claims across the market -- but too often with proprietary releases.