Stories by Jennifer E. Bagalawis

Philippines agency eyes Bluetooth development

The Philippines Advanced Science Technology Institute (ASTI) is scheduled to complete the development of a software protocol stack for Bluetooth technology next month. The software protocol stack will be the foundation for the development of products and applications using Bluetooth, Ian Chan Wong, ASTI's Bluetooth project director, told Computerworld Philippines.

Impiric Seeks to Dispel CRM Myths

Impiric Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of New York-based Impiric, an international provider of integrated marketing and communications solutions, hopes to break into the local market by "demystifying" the myth behind customer relationship management (CRM).

IBM Launches Philippines ASP Programs

IBM Philippines introduced three application service provider (ASP) enabler programs last month, all aimed at local dot-coms, would-be ASPs such as telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers, as well as software developers.

Philippines Giants Join in Portal

A consortium of six industry giants has finalized a joint venture agreement establishing BayanTrade Dotcom Inc. as the new company that will handle its e-procurement system for business-to-business e-commerce.

Self-Regulation is Next, Net Conference Told

After signing the e-commerce law, the government should now focus on self-regulation initiatives to build trust among users and consumers. This was put forth by high-level officials speaking at the GIIC Asian Regional Conference held here last month.

Filipinas Urged to Take Internet Initiative

Filipina technology entrepreneurs should rise to the dot-com challenge by leveraging the power of the Internet. This is the advice given by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Abby Molano to Filipinas and women in general, whom she said should form Internet startups now that the technology, economic situation and political environment have become more conducive for business.

PSINet Buys Into Philippines Internet Services

PSINet Inc., a global provider of Internet solutions and services, has made a 40 percent direct investment in two local Internet service providers (ISPs), Iphil Communications Network Inc. and I-next, and merged their operations under the corporate umbrella of PSINet Philippines.

Philippines Cybersquatting Law Draws Flak

A Senate bill against cybersquatting has drawn fire from cause-oriented groups who say the draft legislation is ill-considered and too broad. This criticism came after Senator Vicente C. Sotto III filed Senate Bill No. 2083, also known as the "Anti-Cybersquatting Act of 2000," which seeks to prevent fraudulent acquisition of a domain name over the Internet.

IBM, Citrix Offer Philippines ISVs an ASP Boost

IBM Philippines and Citrix Systems, provider of application server software and services worldwide, have teamed up to enable local software developers to offer their existing applications over the Web.

Philippines E-Commerce Law to Penalize Hackers

Philippines President Joseph Estrada Wednesday signed the
E-commerce Act of 2000 as part of his administration's campaign to open the
country's economy to global electronic commerce and information and
communication technology-related industries.

Internet Anti-Poverty Program Gets Local Face

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Cisco Systems Inc. have localized their NetAid Program by setting up a Philippine Web site and tying up with the government's anti-poverty initiatives.

Programmers Find There Is Life after Y2K

Now that the millennium is upon us, local Year 2000 programmers face the inevitable question -- where to go next after Year 2000? Some industry analysts say that Year 2000 will end their career as programmers, while others believe that it is a stepping stone to even better IT jobs.