Stories by Paul Krill

JackBe boosting AJAX apps development

JackBe next Monday is releasing an upgrade to its JackBe NQ (Nimble and Quick) Suite development environment for building AJAX-based rich Web client applications.

Ballmer tells of "New World of Work"

At the Microsoft TechEd 2005 conference last week Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touted the company's vision of a "New World of Work" for information workers, with a focus on information access, business processes, and collaboration.

Microsoft's Hejlsberg on .Net

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Anders Hejlsberg is chief architect of the Visual C# language and has been a key developer of the company's .Net application development technology. Previously, Hejlsberg wrote TurboPascal when he was with Borland Software. He also was chief architect of Borland's Delphi technology. InfoWorld editor-at-large Paul Krill talked with Hejlsberg at the Microsoft TechEd 2005 conference in Orlando this week about a range of application development topics.

BEA's Patrick discusses Project Free Flow

Paul Patrick is the chief architect for BEA Systems' Project Free Flow product release, which is set to be formally unveiled June 9. Project Free Flow is intended to enable deployment of services infrastructure for SOA, with an enterprise service bus serving as a key component. Previously, Patrick worked on CORBA technology at Digital Equipment. InfoWorld editor at large Paul Krill recently interviewed Patrick about SOA, Project Free Flow, and other topics, including the company's relationship with Java founder Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft details long-range Indigo plans

Long-range plans for Microsoft's Indigo Web services technology include enabling its use on handheld devices, a company official said at the Microsoft TechEd conference here on Monday afternoon.

Ballmer tells of 'New World of Work' at TechEd

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft TechEd 2005 conference in Orlando touted the theme of a "New World of Work" focused on information access, business processes, and collaboration.

Microsoft makes changes to Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft is making several changes to its upcoming Visual Studio 2005 development tools platform based on early user feedback. Changes include improvements pertaining to Visual C#, Web Forms, and icons.

Execs cite successes, challenges

Normally, programmers write software based on a set of well-defined requirements. SOA demands that organizations create an ecosystem of services that may ultimately have an army of stakeholders inside and outside the firewall. The initial challenge of SOA is knowing where and how to start - where to draw a box around a fixed set of requirements and how to build services that will yield tangible ROI while keeping an SOA fully extensible.

Zend making PHP development easier for Oracle users

Oracle and PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) tools maker Zend Technologies on Monday will announce plans to enhance open source PHP development on Oracle databases via a free package called Zend Core for Oracle.

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