Stories by Kathryn Edwards

IT and telco industry confidence skyrockets

The IT and telecommunications sectors have reported one of the most solid quarterly increases in employer confidence, according to the latest statistics from recruitment firm, Hudson.

Gates joins Twitter

Microsoft co-founder and chairman, Bill Gates, has delved into the Twittersphere and is being welcomed with open arms by celebrity Twitter veterans such as Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest. His verified account already has tens of thousands of followers and is growing by the minute.

IDC IT services predictions 2010

Research firm, IDC, has released its predictions for the Australian IT services market, predicting a growth in outsourcing projects in line with the rise of cloud computing.

NBN Co ponders capability statements

NBN Co, the company in charge of the Federal Government’s $43 billion National Broadband Network, has announced it received many “high-quality” responses to its request for capability statements for the supply of infrastructure.

ICT unlikely to rate a mention in Abbott's issues speech

Shadow communications minister Tony Smith’s new policies for the next Federal election are unlikely to be outlined by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in a planned speech this week, according to a spokesperson for the shadow minister.

Interview: The AIIA on the NBN, collaboration and turning Australia into an ICT leader (Part 1)

At the three-day Asia Pacific Digital Innovation Summit (APDIS) in December, an annual trade event which brought together 780 delegates from 21 countries, <i>Computerworld</i> caught up with AIIA chairman John Grant and CEO Ian Birks for a rare joint interview. The pair spoke candidly about the challenges the Australian ICT industry faces this coming decade and the importance of accelerating NBN progress.

Macquarie Uni completes Gmail rollout

Google is back in the race to provide email services to educational institutions across the country with NSW-based Macquarie University announcing it will begin rolling out Gmail accounts to its 6000 research, teaching and administrative staff.

Higher IT salaries unlikely in 2010

Employees and job seekers have been urged to think twice before demanding higher salaries in 2010, despite a recovery in the IT job market.