Stories by Thomas Henderson

How we did it

We tested four servers, an IBM x3550, a Dell 1950, an HP DL160 and an HP DL360.

NetWare points directly toward Linux

Even though all of Novell Inc.'s network services will not be ported to Linux until late this year, in our testing of the just-released NetWare 6.5, we found that Novell's preliminary open source add-ons are well integrated, complemented by Novell's mature eDirectory services and managed comprehensively by NetWare iManager 2.0.

Dining with DNS

Dealing with Domain Name System (DNS) is a simple proposition for most users; they hardly know it exists unless it stops working. Browsers and mail clients seem to find the appropriate service effortlessly - on a good day.

With Windows 2000, NT Grows Up

The long-awaited successor to Windows NT is finally seeing the light of day. We tested the final code Microsoft Corp. shipped to manufacturing late last month. Most of the bells and whistles work as advertised, but planning for, testing and deploying Windows 2000 is going to be a slow and daunting process.