Stories by Elaine M. Cummings

Strategic Alliances: Common Ground

Doug Barker is not your typical activist, nor is he your average business executive. As vice president and CIO of The Nature Conservancy--the Arlington, Virginia-based nonprofit environmental preservation group--Barker has the ambitious task of leveraging limited resources to build a better world. And while he doesn't measure success with bottom lines, Barker's experience putting his passion to work to overcome holes in his IT pocketbook yields important insights into building business relationships based on common interests--like saving the planet.

Overview: Enterprise Value Award

Edison. Ford. Wright. They are revered as people who have made a difference in the world, and they stand out not just because they dared to think, but because they dared to act. Sometimes they had to go it alone; sometimes they had a cadre of believers to share their vision. Often they stumbled. But in the end, they held tight, persevered and eventually reached their proverbial peaks.

Enterprise Value Award Judgement Call

As early as 1993, CIO recognized enterprise value by what we dubbed ROIT-return on investment from information technology. Of the six winners that year, one - Texas Instruments Inc. - had sufficiently consolidated its purchasing activities into a single system to reduce labor costs and shorten product cycle times.