Stories by Patrick Thibodeau and Todd R. Weiss

Intel Looks to Pull Itself Out of Economic Hole

Intel is facing the same economic headwind that is buffeting most IT vendors. The chip maker's fourth-quarter revenue and profits fell 23% and a whopping 90%|, respectively. And last month, Intel said it planned to close four manufacturing facilities and cut as many as 6,000 jobs.

HP's Hurd plans to call leak probe 'a rogue investigation'

When Mark Hurd, the Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO and chairman, testifies before Congress on Thursday, he will call his company's search for the source of boardroom leaks a "rogue investigation" and plans to again express regret for not catching it before it mushroomed into a corporate scandal.

Analysts to SCO: No thanks to code review offer

Analysts are balking at The SCO Group's offer to view its proof that there is illegal Unix code in Linux, with one calling the move a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Linux creator Linus Torvalds last Friday said that he has no plans to look at the code and that the battle between SCO, IBM Corp. and Novell Inc. is on par with a rancorous episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

DOJ, Microsoft Spar over Pace of Appeal

Having lost its bid last month to take the Microsoft antitrust case directly to the Supreme Court, the U.S. government is now fighting to ensure that the case gets a speedy appeals review.