Stories by Stacy Cowley and Ed Scannell

CA updates WSDM

Computer Associates International cranked up its Web services effort, edged into the hosted-software fray, and released a new tool for managing wireless networks at its CAWorld conference.

PeopleSoft's Conway ducks takeover issue during keynote

Oracle's bid to take over his company must be foremost on PeopleSoft Chief Executive Officer Craig Conway's mind these days, but Conway barely touched on the drama roiling the enterprise applications sector during his Thursday morning keynote at CeBIT America, in New York.

Palmisano outlines IBM's $10b on-demand initative

IBM Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano spoke Wednesday before a gathering of several hundred top IBM customers and executives, offering a State-of-the-Union-like rundown on IBM's view of the IT industry and vision of its future.