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Iran News Briefs: Operators to Exchange Traffic

TEHRAN (08/29/2000) - High-speed network operators are to create an Internet traffic exchange center, to be called Gix. One of the goals of this center is to implement policies for the control and prevention of unsuitable sites on Internet. Besides supporting the stability of the country's Internet network, the center is expected to result in savings on international Internet bandwidth. It will also be an important step toward government policies of reducing administration and leaving the responsibilities to the nongovernmental sector.

Newsbriefs from Iran

TEHRAN (06/26/2000) - The first specialized congress for ISPs (Internet service
providers) in Iran was set up by the faculty of industrial engineering at the
Science and Industry University of Iran. Organizer of this conference was the
Samaneh group in association with MATGAR (the executive center for specialized
computer graphics.) This conference was a one-day event and nearly 200 experts