Stories by Paul Roberts

Exploit released for CA product vulnerability

Malicious hackers have released code that exploits a widespread vulnerability in software from Computer Associates International (CA), setting off a round of Internet scanning for vulnerable CA systems.

Hackers grab LexisNexis info on 32,000 people

Hackers have compromised databases belonging to LexisNexis and stolen information on at least 32,000 people, according to a statement Wednesday from LexisNexis' parent company, Reed Elsevier.

New IM worms target MSN users

Antivirus companies are warning users of Microsoft's popular MSN Messenger application about a host of new worms that spread using instant messages (IMs) over that network.

Scammers use Symantec, DNS holes to push adware

Online scam artists are manipulating the Internet's directory service and taking advantage of a hole in some Symantec products to trick Internet users into installing adware and other annoying programs on their computers, according to an Internet security monitoring organisation.

CA warns of security holes in license tool

Computer Associates International (CA) and security firms are warning about a number of serious security holes in software that manages CA product licenses and is distributed with almost every piece of software the company sells.

New Bagle variant combines spam, Trojans

Antivirus software companies are warning their customers about the appearance of at least one new version of the Bagle worm that doesn't try to spread, but installs malicious remote monitoring software on systems it infects.

Arrest, but no relief from IM spam

A New York man was arrested last week and charged with sending out unsolicited instant messages, marking the first known case of criminal action being taken against someone accused of sending "spim," or instant message (IM) spam.

Hackers post Paris Hilton's address book online

Hackers penetrated the crystalline ranks of Hollywood celebrity Saturday, posting the mobile phone address book of hotel heiress and celebrity Paris Hilton on a Web page and passing the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of some of Tinsel Town's hottest stars into the public realm.

Microsoft on 'rootkits': Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Microsoft security researchers are warning about a new generation of powerful system monitoring programs, or "rootkits," that are almost impossible to detect using current security products and that could pose a serious risk to corporations and individuals.

Researchers find security flaw in SHA-1 algorithm

Security experts are warning that a security flaw has been found in a powerful data encryption algorithm, dubbed SHA-1, by a team of scientists from Shandong University in China. The three scientists are circulating a paper within the cryptographic research community that describes successful tests of a technique that could greatly reduce the speed with which SHA-1 could be compromised.

Cisco bolsters security with Adaptive Threat Defense

Cisco Systems Tuesday announced a milestone in its quest to bolster the security capabilities of its popular networking gear, unveiling a slew of new products, features and services called "Adaptive Threat Defense."

Microsoft, eBay, Visa form Phish Report Network

To make it easier to identify and react to new scam Web sites, Microsoft, eBay and Visa International are launching a program to share information about online identity theft scams known as "phishing attacks," they said Monday.