Stories by Steve Duplessie

Why we hate lawyers in IT: Reason No. 1,997

One reader writes in to ask: "I have been in the IT field for over 20 years, in several different companies. Why does it seem like in the past year I spend more time meeting with lawyers than the business people? I understand Sarbanes-Oxley issues, but my current company has been public for seven years, and we have always had "compliance" reviews, but I have been in six meetings in the past eight months with our chief counsel and other lawyers in attendance. Is this happening everywhere, or should I be concerned that something is up?"

Symantec's diet has caused financial indigestion

A reader writes in to ask: "Symantec just reported disappointing results and blamed the Veritas integration as the problem. Is this an isolated event or do these problems happen to everyone in this situation?"

Angry Microsoft users must still pay the fiddler

I would normally take the side of Mr. Regular Guy and make Microsoft jokes, but not this time. For the record, I can't stand that I have to pay for the same license, which is already too expensive, over and over again. I enjoy making "blue screen of death" quips in my speeches (it's always a cheap yet effective laugh). I love to bash the mighty giant whenever I can. It's not just Microsoft, by the way. It seems I have a Napoleonic complex and have to try to slay any big king. (I love the underdog, and with the exception of the Patriots, I hate the king.) I also am a realist, or fatalist. Microsoft is the king, and I am jealous. It is in a position to dictate how I spend money, and it is in a position to not really care whether I like it or not. I don't like it personally, but I love it intellectually.

Symantec and Veritas: A fearsome twosome

Symantec and Veritas are merging. I, as a loyal Red Sox fan, would have preferred the new name of Veritec, but they appear to want to keep the Symantec banner. That's about the only thing I disagree with on all that I've seen so far.