Stories by John Fontana

Lotusphere: Lotus and IBM Integration Plan Emerges

While IBM Corp. officials continue to say they won't consume their Lotus subsidiary, the first glimpse of the larger picture Big Blue hopes to plug Domino into was evident this week at Lotusphere 2000.

Lotus Partners to Exploit Domino R5

Enterprise customers know the real value of Lotus Domino is in its use as a platform for applications that take advantage of the server's collaboration and messaging features. So next week at Lotusphere 2000 in Orlando, Lotus' business partners will show off applications that exploit new Domino R5 features, such as support for XML.

Lotus Hopes to Soar with Raven

Since Lotus Development Corp. has already let plans for its Raven knowledge management suite out of the bag, the company will use its upcoming annual user conference to answer questions as to whether the project will fly in the enterprise.

Fireworks Expected at NOS Showdown

The one thing guaranteed as the new year begins is that by the time the year ends, network operating system developments will be one of 2000's top stories.

NDS gap puts users in a bind

Novell has quietly shelved a key directory-integration tool, which will likely force IT executives with mixed environments to make an either/or choice between NetWare and Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 2000.

Y2K target keeps moving

Less than 80 days before year 2000, a striking number of software and hardware products once deemed Y2K-compliant are showing new vulnerabilities to the millennium bug.
The compliance reversals are forcing IT executives to repeat remediation work that had been considered complete, and the reversals underscore the insidious nature of the Y2K bug.

Sun-Netscape alliance focuses on user management

The Sun-Netscape Alliance has unveiled an integrated bundle of applications that could make it easier for companies to set up directory-based systems for managing end users across internal networks and extranets.

Cabletron taps iPlanet for Spectrum Software

Cabletron Systems' Spectrum business unit has licensed directory technology from the Sun-Netscape Alliance and will bundle it with Spectrum policy-based management software.