Stories by John Fontana

Microsoft Spending Spree

Since January, Microsoft Corp. has been on an investment binge of more than $5.5 million per day, collecting the bandwidth, vendors and Web services the software giant will need to transform itself from a provider of packaged software to a supplier of Web-based software services.

Windows ME: A Pain for Users?

Microsoft Corp. has quietly eliminated LAN features from its forthcoming Windows ME client operating system, which may effectively force enterprise users into migrating to Windows 2000.

Sendmail Upgrades Reinforce E-mail Security

Sendmail Inc., which offers the most popular e-mail routing engine on the Internet, is adding security features to its software that support a server-based approach to encrypted e-mail.

NetVision Bridges Gap Between NDS, Active Dir.

With IT executives caught in the Us vs. Them directory crossfire between Microsoft and Novell, NetVision is hoping to offer coexistence by providing real-time synchronization of user data between Novell Inc. Directory Services (NDS) and Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory.

Active Directory Upgrade Requires Strong Game Plan

One clear message is emanating from early adopters of Active Directory - don't underestimate this baby. IT executives not heeding that advice are likely to tie themselves and their organizations into knots that will not easily be undone.

Active directory worth hassle, users say

This week, while most enterprise customers are cracking the seals on their first copies of the final code for Windows 2000, a few hearty souls already are running the operating system in their production environments.

Survey reveals keys to cheaper Win 2000 migration

Enterprise customers that have well-established procedures for managing their desktops should find moving to Windows 2000 less expensive and less complex than those that have not, according to a new study.

E-mail growth hogs enterprise resources

Now that most enterprises appear to have dispatched the Y2K bug, they may want to concentrate on a couple of other pesky critters that have the potential to chew through the storage resources and bandwidth dedicated to corporate e-mail.

Linux Turns It Up a Notch

Looking to pique enterprise customer interest in Linux, major vendors this week will unveil clustering technology, embedded systems software and thin-client options for the open source operating system.

Reporter's Notebook, Lotusphere 2000

The featured Lotusphere topic, the Raven knowledge management suite, packed conference sessions, tutorials and how-to talks, but many left with more questions than answers.

Monitoring Tool Takes Control of Exchange Networks

BindView Development Corp. will release a product next month designed to give e-mail administrators better control over Microsoft Exchange systems that are handling growing numbers of users and messages.