Stories by Ira Winkler

How to get a job in computer security

I am asked probably twice a week to help somebody get a job in the <a href="">security</a> profession. Unfortunately, I can't help that many people individually, but perhaps this article will allow me to help many people all at once.

Eight realities about location-based apps

The desire to be cool and embrace new technologies definitely overtook the desire to be safe with the very buzzy mobile, location-based apps on view at South by Southwest this year . You've got to love a smartphone app that broadcasts all sorts of information about you -- your likes, your age, your job -- to everyone within sight who has the same app. Because it reduces friction, right? It makes it easier to meet that good-looking guy or girl right over there who shares your love of kiteboarding and Gorillaz. You can cut down lame conversations about things you have no interest in at all.

Opinion: Is Google evil? The jury is out

Much outrage has been expressed about Google's new privacy policy. People are acting as if they are shocked that Google would consolidate the personal information it gathers from its customers through all of its varied services. What is shocking to me is that none of these people, including members of Congress, seemed to see it coming.

Facebook is not free

When Facebook changed its interface earlier this fall, the social networks lit up with comments from users saying how much they hated the new way information was being presented to them on the site. People were upset that Facebook was doing things without considering its hundreds of millions of users. That outrage made sense to me. What didn't make sense was the large number of people who responded with variations of, "Shut up! It's free." That is fundamentally wrong.

Facebook needs customer service to woo businesses

I had to laugh when I read about Facebook's latest effort to woo businesses. While Facebook wants to look like its well ahead of Google + in the commercial uses of social networking, its track record of dealing with users suggests that businesses should not rely on it.