Stories by Howard Millman

The terabyte tapes

To help solve the arcane mysteries of molecular structures and human health, scientists at the University of Georgia in Athens use some of the world's most advanced technologies - including tape drives.

Broadcast Media Redefines for the Net Age

Like the alchemists of old, today's online media pioneers face the daunting task of transforming one element into another. This time, they seek to change content, not lead, into gold -- and the challenges of doing so are formidable.

Give Your Computer the Finger

When you need better protection than a password system can give you, it may be time to consider using a biometric authentication device. In our tests, these devices proved affordable, reliable, easy to use and light-years ahead of passwords in boosting desktop, laptop and network access protection.

Product review: Speech translators stumble

English may be the universal language of commerce, but when you travel internationally or deal with overseas associates, you will accomplish more if you can understand their language.

Product Review: Electronic whiteboards

When you need to transmit visual information to a group of people, don't ask them to write and listen to you at the same time. With an electronic whiteboard, you can write it down for them. Electronic whiteboards significantly add to the versatility of traditional whiteboards by automatically capturing the information that you write, converting it into an electronic signal and transmitting it to an attached computer as a graphical image.

Product review: Vegging out

Why would you want to wear a pair of opaque glasses studded with pulsating LEDs wired to a black box? Or why would you want to wear a Buck Rogers-like headset that shows movies on 3/4-inch screens? Two words: To relax.

Product Review: IBM's VisualAge 2.0 Brings Ease to Java

In its enterprise edition of VisualAge for Java 2.0, IBM delivers a heavyweight product that's well-suited to application developers. It pulls ahead of competitive enterprise-class development tools from Inprise Corp. and Microsoft Corp. by introducing Data Access Beans that extend connectivity to relational data residing in legacy systems.