Stories by Jim Battey

E-businesses up, stocks down

Several positive economic developments pushed the E-Business Barometer up 26 percent in June. Dot-com-related job cuts fell to their lowest levels since November 2000 and the dollar value of merger-and-acquisition activity involving Internet companies doubled to US$6.0 billion from May.

State Snapshot: Southern Texas

Everything is big in Texas, including job opportunities for IT professionals. Austin continues to blaze trails as a hotbed for high-tech companies.

State Snapshot: Connecticut

As companies move to the e-business model, career opportunities for IT professionals abound -- especially in the large commercial centers.

State Snapshot: Massachusetts

IT professionals are in high demand in the Bay State. Salaries are above the national average, especially in the greater Boston area.

Retaining Your Most Valuable Assets

It's simple enough, says David Foote, managing partner of New Canaan, Conn.-based Foote Partners LLC, a recruitment consulting and research firm. "Find out what people want and give it to them."

Job Titles: CIO

Chief Information Officers make excellent money and are generally satisfied with their compensation, but they work longer hours than nearly all other IT professionals, reports the 2000 InfoWorld Compensation Survey (full survey is online at

Credentials: Database Certification

Database certifications are vendor-specific, so credentials are issued by the software companies. As Oracle Corp. grows in popularity in the enterprise, DBA certifications from Sybase Inc. and Informix Corp. have become nearly extinct.

Job Titles: Help Desk Manager

Prospects look bright for help desk managers. In fact, there is higher demand for technical support professionals than any other IT position, according to the Information Technology Association of America.

Industry Outlook: Self-Employed Consulting

With the demand for highly skilled technical professionals as strong as ever, the outlook for self-employed IT consultants and contractors is promising. Roughly half of all consultants are reported to be independent contractors.

Job Titles: Finance

A look at InfoWorld's 1999 salary survey and financial resources sites suggests that demand for IT personnel is especially strong in the financial services industry.

Credentials: Web Certifications

With Web technology moving at Internet speed, hands-on experience is the best bet for IT pros establishing Internet credentials. Yet Web-focused certifications can also be valuable.

State Snapshot: Georgia

Bolstered by an infusion of technology-related businesses, Georgia is enjoying robust economic times. Meanwhile, Atlanta is emerging as the leading regional hub for New Economy companies.