Stories by Computerworld Bulgaria Staff

Bulgaria News Briefs: Brain Drain Affects Economy

The IT brain drain is proving a serious danger for economic development in Bulgaria after recent announcements for "easy IT green cards" in Germany, Austria, the U.K. and the U.S., warned attendees of the second meeting of the First Tuesday venture capital community in Bulgaria. In the last seven years, 500,000 university graduates have left the country, from a total population of 8 million.

Bulgaria News Briefs: IDC Reports Q2 PC Shipments

SOFIA (08/28/2000) - Desktop PCs accounted for 92.3 percent of all second-quarter shipments in Bulgaria, according to International Data Corp. The small business and small office segments combined for 36 percent of PC shipments, while 12 percent of PCs shipped to the government sector, IDC found.

Bulgaria News Briefs: Pact Plan Customs System

Bulgaria submitted five high-tech projects to the Stability Pact, a forum bringing together Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey, after its coordinator Bodo Hombach announced that the country is a good high-tech zone and informed the public about Bill Gates' interest in Bulgaria. The total investment needed is US$45 million. The most expensive is about building an integrated Customs information system for the Balkans. Another interesting project is submitted by the Bulgarian Industrial Association, about creating an electronic market for wholesale.

Varna to Host Its First IT Show

In October, Varna will host an IT exhibition for the first time with products from regional companies focused on hardware, Internet software and electronic commerce offerings. The show, Varna Tech 2000, will take place Oct. 12-15.

Bulgaria News Briefs: LAN Market Hits US$8.41M

The LAN (Local Area Network) hardware market in Bulgaria, defined by International Data Corp. (IDC) as including NICs (New Internet Computers), hubs, switches, routers and RAS (Remote Access Servers), totaled US$8.41 million last year, compared to $5.58 million in 1998.

News Briefs from Bulgaria

The Austrian company Red-Stàrs.Com Data AG wants to invest in Internet and e-business companies in Bulgaria and eastern Europe by buying stakes in them, Business Development Manager Jurgen Vogel announced during his visit to Bulgaria. Red-Stàrs.Com is eight weeks old and so far has four investment projects in the region - in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.