Stories by Gregory Michael

iPlanet Makes Offering Shared Calendars Affordable

As e-mail is now necessary for business communications, shared calendar and scheduling is becoming a must-have for many enterprise users, allowing them to simplify their scheduling with their colleagues.

Test-Driving the Digital Dashboard

Enterprise information portals are a hot topic, and why not? Every CIO would like to provide complete, up-to-date information to the people who need it exactly when they need it. By linking corporate data sources to a Web-browser interface, enterprise portals allow crucial corporate decisions to be based on current data rather than monthly reports. Furthermore, a portal can prevent departmental information sharing from being influenced by corporate politics, because information is made readily available to anybody with the appropriate access privileges.

Carrier-Class E-mail for NT/2000

Highly scalable Internet e-mail servers built according to open standards are allowing large e-mail carriers, ISPs, and ASPs (application service providers) to provide comprehensive e-mail services. Rockliffe Inc.'s MailSite 4 DataCenter adds Web messaging to an already sound offering. Aimed at large Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 installations, this product features a modular distributed design that supports e-mail server clustering, allowing enterprises and service providers to host millions of mailboxes in a single domain.

Auditing of Exchange Made Easy

Internet e-mail is a powerful tool that has the potential for harming a business as well as helping it. Your company should take steps not only to stop viruses and spam from coming in, but also to prevent messages containing company secrets, threats, libel, harassment, and other lawsuit-inviting content from going out. If your company uses Microsoft Exchange Server to handle its e-mail, CAMEO (Content Auditing for Microsoft Exchange Organizations) offers a simple and effective way to enforce an e-mail usage policy.

Monitor Exchange's Exchanges

Administrators of corporate e-mail systems must be on guard not only for spam and viruses coming in, but also for proprietary information and other potentially damaging content going out. Mail Essentials for Exchange 3.0 is a collection of tools that provide Microsoft Exchange shops with a means of controlling the e-mail that enters and leaves the internal company e-mail system.

Product review: Complete internet e-mail solution for NT

Sendmail for NT, Version 3.0, brings a complete Internet e-mail hosting solution built on the functionality of the Sendmail 8.9.3 mail transfer agent (MTA) from Unix to the Windows NT platform. This enables e-mail service providers, including Internet service providers offering POP3 e-mail services to subscribers and corporations needing an MTA to handle routing functions between a variety of different messaging systems, to run Sendmail as their MTA without requiring a Unix server or Unix administration skills