Stories by Eric Brown

Will DSL modems go soft?

Still looking for an excuse to buy an 800-MHz PC? Here's one: You may soon be able to use it to run a Digital Subscriber Line without a modem.

Voice over DSL Gets Ready to Roll

Once upon a time, everyone thought that digital subscriber lines would carry digital interactive TV. Not much came of that, but today DSL is the fastest-rising star in broadband Internet access.

Broadband Hits the Speed Limit

You're surfing the Web with your broadband connection, but you just can't find a video clip encoded at more than 300 kilobits per second. That's no accident: It's about all the typical broadband user can reliably handle.

Buckle Up for Your Broadband Tour

More and more 200- and 300-kilobits-per-second media clips are making their way onto the Web. Some are slipping quietly onto mainstream consumer streaming pages, while some are showcased in brave new sites aimed exclusively at cable modem and digital subscriber line users.

Best of the Broadband Sites

Ready to take a broadband tour of the Web? Finding quality content designed for your high-speed connection isn't easy, but I can point you in the right direction.

Broadband Media Goes Deep

Only a year ago, we had a hard time finding online content designed especially for the lucky few of us with cable-modem and DSL connections. Even the broadband Internet service providers didn't have much to boast about; only Excite@Home's limited showcase approached being a broadband portal.

Off-the-Rack DSL Not a Good Fit Yet

Your shopping list: milk, butter, coffee beans, and broadband. Don't laugh. Already, you can pick up a Digital Subscriber Line bundle with a modem and service at some retail outlets. Upcoming deals promise to save time and reduce aggravation by letting you install DSL yourself. And do-it-yourself cable modems are also in the works. But temper your excitement: The reality we experienced was far from trouble-free.

Digital TV Meets the Web

Emerging High-Definition Television digital broadcasting technology is providing a basis for an interesting partnership between rivals for your leisure time: TV broadcasters and Web sites.

AOL explores new gateway to DSL

America Online (AOL) hasn't abandoned plans for DSL (digital subscriber line) service despite the cable connection it expects to gain by merging with media giant Time Warner. AOL is joining with PC vendor Gateway to sell AOL Plus, a high-speed 'Net access service.

Analysis: AOL Time Warner - A One-of-a-Kind Deal

No sooner had the surprising news of America Online Inc.'s $190 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc. hit the street than pundits started speculating of a rash of Internet companies buying media firms. Don't count on it.

Broadband Narrow Choices

Digital Subscriber Line and cable Internet access are here to stay, but don't expect to be able to choose your Internet provider. We explain just who owns what in the new world order.

Consumer Alert: Broadband Blues

DSL and cable modems promise instant access to the Internet. But service hassles are giving users bad vibes. Here's how to avoid the sour notes.