Stories by Andrew Harrison

HP Envy 15 notebook

The HP Envy 15 is the larger of two premium notebooks from HP, this model featuring a new Core i7 quad-core Intel processor. The smaller HP Envy 13 is an attractive 13in notebook, distinguished by thoughtful design and incredible battery life. But there's little new in terms of its essential components - unlike this larger HP Envy 15 which adds some spicy novelty with a brand-new quad-core processor.

Parallels Desktop for Mac 5.0

Hot on the heels of VMware's update of Fusion 3 comes Parallels Desktop for Mac 5.0. Like Fusion, Parallels now boasts support for Microsoft's WDDM graphics, allowing Aero effects in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Onnto TB-S120 hard drive enclosure

The capacity of external USB hard drives is going up all the time. Unfortunately, most only offer a USB 2.0 connection, which limits how quickly you can get your data onto or off the drive.

VMware Fusion 3

Almost overnight, running Windows on a Mac became a viable option when Apple adopted Intel processors in 2006. As well as installing Windows directly onto a separate disk partition, allowing you to work natively in Windows, virtualization software packages appeared that enabled the simultaneous use of Windows from within Mac OS X - and all without rebooting.

Acer neoTouch S200 smartphone

The Acer neoTouch S200 is a compact 3G smartphone that uses Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile 6.5 user interface.

iMac 24in 2.8GHz

Apple has updated its iMac line, keeping the metal-framed design from last year but upgrading internals such as processors and hard drives

E-tailers might face euro taxes

Australian companies selling goods and services on the Internet may soon face taxation in Europe when selling to European consumers.

Unisys enters the global ASP market

Unisys has launched Infrahost, the first of a number of its worldwide application service provider (ASP) initiatives, claiming the new model will overcome problems restricting growth in the market.

It's an ill wind if high techs share only good news, says ASIC

Australia's high-technology sector has been warned to report its bad news along with its good news. The two bodies that regulate Australia's listed companies have begun a crackdown on businesses failing to disclose news with negative implications for their share price.

Big Blue blows e-biz trumpet

Government and industry in Australia need to act now if the country is to benefit from the e-business opportunity sweeping the globe today, David Thodey, managing director and CEO of IBM Australia, said last week.

NRMA sinks $100m in e-commerce strategy

Insurer NRMA Holdings is spending $100 million in an electronic commerce strategy in the next three years. To capitalise on its strong brand presence and its 3.7-million-strong national customer base, NRMA intends selling to consumers, other businesses and employees.