Stories by Dan Neel

IBM Research packs tape punch

In a demonstration of technological prowess that underscores the continued development of tape-based data storage technology, IBM yesterday announced its engineers have successfully stored 1TB on a single linear tape cartridge.

HP/COMPAQ: Compaq brand formula for HP success

The president of Hewlett-Packard's PSG (personal systems group), Duane Zitzner, on Friday reiterated the company's road map for integrating PC products from Compaq following the merger of the two companies.

IBM teams up with StreamServe to cut print costs

The document arm of Big Blue, IBM PSD (printing systems division), on Wednesday made a pact with software firm StreamServe Inc. to help customers better control the cost of business communications.

Zantaz teams up with IBM

With eyes on the exploding market for the long-term storage of digitized reference documents, Zantaz Inc. on Tuesday announced a partnership with IBM Corp. to accelerate Zantaz's technology into the marketplace.

CEO of TrueSAN Networks outlines CloudBreak

With the arrival of its revolutionary CloudBreak storage management operating system, TrueSAN Networks in San Jose, Calif., became one of only two storage software vendors to offer the multiple functionality of storage data management, SRM (storage resource management), virtualization, and system monitoring, all through a single interface. The company's founder, president, and CEO, Tom Isakovich, took time out recently to chat with InfoWorld Senior Writer Dan Neel about the success and challenges of CloudBreak as well as the current state of the storage industry and his take on the competition.

Hitachi, Sun, HP target EMC

Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Tuesday each moved further into EMC's territory by agreeing to resell Hitachi Data Systems' (HDS) latest storage servers.

NetWorld+Interop - Hitachi to battle EMC plan with True North

Taking a lesson from EMC's AutoIS enterprise storage management strategy, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) on Tuesday will unveil its own enterprise storage management initiative, called True North, at the NetWorld+Interop 2002 trade show in Las Vegas.

Compaq targets IBM with new Xeon-based servers

Compaq Computer on Thursday introduced its first Intel-based server with hot-swappable memory, a 4-way ProLiant DL580. The company also released a new 2-way ProLiant ML530 and issued upgrades to two other Intel-based systems.

Storage Performance Council rolls out benchmark

THE SPC (Storage Performance Council) on Wednesday rolled out some of the first vendor results from its SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1), a newly defined metric for determining the performance of storage sub-systems.

EMC uncorks CAS

Eyeing a growing market for technology that speeds the delivery of large files stored in colossal databases, EMC on Monday unveiled a new storage architecture and a new type of storage server at a launch event here headed by EMC Chief Executive Officer Joe Tucci.

The utility computing promise

Tapping into compute resources with a simplicity equal to plugging a lamp into an outlet has been a goal of pervasive computing efforts from the start. Known as utility computing, the idea is to provide unlimited computing power and storage capacity that can be used and reallocated for any application -- and billed on a pay-per-use basis.

IBM outlines enterprise storage roadmap

With emphasis on storage management software, Linux-based storage virtualization, and the open storage architectures proposed by the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association), IBM Corp. on Tuesday outlined its enterprise storage roadmap.