Stories by Johan Bostrom

EBay sets up open source community

EBay on Tuesday began providing open source code for some of its search and access applications to expand its external developer community. The software will be available under a new program called Community Codebase, which was announced at the eBay Developers Conference in San Jose.

Report on China-Japan tension stirs IT debate

IT industry insiders are downplaying a Gartner report on tensions between China and Japan. The analysis says that shaky relations between the countries should make companies rethink their reliance on suppliers from Northeast Asia.

Target marketing via RFID to debut in Seattle

Some cafes and retail stores in Seattle next week will begin individually marketing products and services to bypassers in Seattle using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

Berners-Lee seeks killer app for Semantic Web

The Semantic Web could be the key to unlocking scientific data that's sequestered by disparate applications formats and organizational limitations, and could allow scientists to harness computation's full power, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee said Tuesday.

RFID expansion at JFK highlights issues

The RFID (radio frequency identification) system that tracks and identifies vehicles used to transport aircraft fuel at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York is now being used on hundreds of food-service and employee transportation vehicles at the air traffic hub.

AutoCAD turns 20.0

With a history of shaping the designs of objects as varied as wine bottles and the oversized Hummer, software veteran Autodesk is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a public company by releasing the 20th version of its flagship software.

US gov't approves IBM, Lenovo deal

IBM Wednesday said it received final U.S. government approval to sell its PC division to Chinese PC vendor Lenovo Group, and expects to close the deal soon.

With Fedora, Red Hat recreates its lost community

With the open-source Fedora project, Red Hat is aiming to rebuild its links to the open source community and regain that community's input for its innovation process. The developers and users now contributing to the Fedora project -- which a Red Hat executive credited with providing the starting point for the company's latest Enterprise Linux release -- had their first-ever meeting at a conference on Friday in Boston.

EBay eyes open source for development software

Following a path laid by open source developers, eBay may open up some of its source code in order to quicken the pace of application development and open up new business opportunities.

Gartner: Upturn for global IT services

Taking into account the decline of the US dollar, the market for global IT services grew 2.2 per cent last year, but even that modest increase is a positive sign, according to analyst firm Gartner.