Stories by Jeanette Borzo

Database clients face wave of data inundation

While corporations amass more and more data in their corporate databases, the need to zero in on ever-more precise information about clients, products and competition grows even faster, according to panelists at an IT industry seminar.

IBM ships new mainframe line this month

IBM yesterday announced a new mainframe line -- the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server Generation 6 (G6) -- fewer than 9 months after the introduction of the previous G5 mainframe line.

Lucent answers calls for 'net users

Lucent Technologies yesterday announced a suite of Internet call-management programs for service providers that ultimately will let dial-up Internet users answer incoming telephone calls while still logged on to the Internet.

Euro Telecom: Voice for free in Europe?

Voice services earn telecommunications providers the bulk of their income in Europe today, but that should change as users begin to expect free voice telecommunications in exchange for the purchase of other services, according to several speakers here at IDC's European Telecoms Forum.

Euro Telecom: The network as business tool

Companies should consider their networks as competitive business assets and use them to further corporate goals, according to advice given at a presentation made here yesterday at IDC's European Telecoms Forum.