Stories by Ted Smalley Bowen

Charting an R&D course

Tracking the research-and-development activities of technology vendors might seem a better focus for science documentary filmmakers than for IT managers. But in the real world, today's technical breakthrough could influence next year's IT decision-making.

IBM, Lotus Expand Initiatives in Education

IBM Corp. and its Lotus Development Corp. subsidiary last week intensified their efforts in the education and training market with the announcement of a new business unit and the unveiling of a major revision of the LearningSpace platform.

IBM rounds out WebSphere for online marketplaces

Looking to establish its WebSphere application server platform as standard building material for online exchanges and marketplaces, IBM yesterday unveiled a new edition of WebSphere Commerce Suite, a bundle designed to help businesses quickly set up shop and handle high transaction volumes.

Plugging IT Into the Merger Equation

Wall Street loves a merger: Consolidation increases shareholder value by restoring the balance of supply and demand, creating synergy among products, and opening the way for ever-popular efficiencies and any number of other benefits -- or so the thinking goes.

Did Y2K Brace IT for New Storms?

Late last year, rumblings arose over the costs associated with the near-universal mobilization of Y2K efforts. Amid increasingly confident predictions about a successful date change, the ballooning estimates of the final bill began to cast shadows over IT departments.

Iona Simplifies in Transition to Server Market

Middleware stalwart Iona Technologies Inc. this week rolled out key pieces of its application server strategy, extending its dual role as infrastructure provider as well as e-commerce and enterprise portal vendor.

Cap Gemini Inks Megamerger

THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES firm of a combined Cap Gemini Group and Ernst & Young Consulting casts an imposing shadow, especially on the U.S. market. But many business, technology, and cultural factors conspire to make their union a challenging one.

Art Technology Group Touts Partner Program

In the e-business market, regardless of your technical merits, you're only as good as the company you keep. With that in mind, Art Technology Group (ATG) is ramping up its partnership programs in an effort to increase business while maintaining quality.

Y2K Issues Still Remain

WHILE FEW observers are claiming outright victory in the battle against year-2000 computer problems, the relatively quiet passing of Jan. 1 has led to somewhat rosier expectations for the rest of the year. However, observers caution that a fairly steady stream of year-2000 glitches will occur, especially in financial systems, and that litigation will result in some instances.

'Testing' and 'Vigilance' Remain Watchwords

Having enjoyed a smooth transition into the year 2000, IT operations are girding for the resumption of business on Monday and are remaining watchful for date-related glitches.

Y2K legal wrangling escalates

While the public stocks up on such New Year's essentials as Dom Perignon, propane, and freeze-dried food, major businesses have begun battling over who will pay the tab for year-2000 preparations.

US Commerce Dept. eyes Y2K with optimism

The US Department of Commerce on Wednesday gave its assessment of the likely impact of the impending year-2000 date rollover, predicting relatively smooth sailing on the domestic front.

US Commerce Dept eyes Y2K with optimism

The US Department of Commerce gave its assessment of the likely impact of the impending year-2000 date rollover, predicting relatively smooth sailing on the domestic front.