Stories by Rabia Garib

LCD monitors: Thin is in

Everything is about lifestyle, thin and healthy. Even beyond a bloated self-esteem, the image how people will perceive you based on the tech you wear, does have the potential add a few inches to your height.

World's youngest CCNA: 12-year-old Irtiza from Pakistan

Certifications at any level are tough -- they are challenging to prepare for and certainly stressful to sit through. So when you hear that 12-year Irtiza Haider of Class 8 has recently become the known world's youngest Cisco Certified Network Associate, you can't help but wonder what enabled someone so young to accomplish something so big! "Well," he starts off, "My father encouraged me a lot to undertake this course. He knew I was always interested in computers and he thought it would be a good way to spend my free time during the summer."