Stories by Stephen Thompson

SVOA Aims To Bounce Back

Sahaviriya OA Public Co., Ltd (SVOA) recently announced its plans to reclaim the leadership of the local IT market. The company also vowed to improve the quality of products on offer, while aiming to raise its after-sales service to international standards.

TOT Inks $4m IP Network Deal With NEC, Mitsui

NEC Corp. and Mitsui & Co recently received an order worth 400 million yen (US$4 million) from the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT), for the world's first nationwide IP (Internet Protocol) network project.

Nortel Aims to Take the Wind out of Cisco's Sails

Nortel Networks (Thailand) Ltd. recently introduced its routing and Internet Protocol (IP) software called Open IP Environment, which will Internet-enable a variety of servers, PCs, consumer appliances, mobility devices, set-top boxes and processors.

Nortel Networks aims to fix "broken" Internet

Nortel Networks sees itself as having a major role in improving the Internet to facilitate e-commerce, so that businesses can offer a seamless, efficient customer experience. Looking ahead to the new millennium, the company hopes the Internet will eventually enjoy the same reliability as current telephony services.