Stories by Victor Garza

Check Point and Sygate corral end points

At their core, Check Point Integrity and Sygate Enterprise Protection are effectively policy-based firewalls. That's the cake. The icing is their capability to monitor other applications for compliance with configuration requirements and send errant machines to quarantine until they can be updated with the latest anti-virus definitions, Windows patches, or other necessities.

TippingPoint leans into network threats

Products in the intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems sector have come a long way in a short time, as vendors have been fast to incorporate new detection techniques and bolster defences to an ever-widening range of threats. TippingPoint is one vendor that has blazed the trail to multipronged protection.

Uncovering network holes

Let’s face it: network vulnerabilities are rampant, worm writers are looking for the next server application to exploit, and malicious hackers are breaching the moat and climbing up the castle’s walls. How does an organisation defend itself? It finds all the network and server holes, using a new breed of vulnerability assessment tools, and plugs them.