Stories by Chris Conrath

Gates: Information trade key for businesses

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates outlined a vision of companies being able to share information more effectively both internally and with suppliers by using present and future collaborative software.

Sun shines brightly on Java developers

Sun Microsystems' Java road show hit Toronto Wednesday and about 400 developers showed up to hear about the latest advances in Sun's developer tools.

IBM Canada pumps cash into security services

In an effort to establish a Canadian front on the international fight to secure corporate IT infrastructure, IBM Canada Ltd. Tuesday announced a C$40 million (US$33.5 million) investment over five years in its Canadian security practice and the creation of a security operations center (SOC) in Markham, Ont.

Survey reveals a security disconnect

A recent security survey by Ernst and Young (E&Y) found there is both a lack of IT security priority in the executive suite and a lack of security awareness amongst users.

I'm fixing a hole

Last year the CERT Coordination Center, a repository of information technology vulnerability reporting run by Carnegie Mellon University, posted 3,784 vulnerabilities. Admittedly, it was a slight dip from the 4,129 reported in 2002, but nonetheless it points to a growing trend in software fallibility. In fact, prior to 2000, when 1,090 vulnerabilities were reported, the total never hit 500.

Survey: 2003 not a great year for security

Symantec's semi-annual Internet Security Threat report, released in March, paints a picture of an increasingly threatening Internet. But unlike previous reports, there seems to be little in the way of good news.

Microsoft head talks Linux

Microsoft has gone on the warpath trying to convince customers it is safer and, more importantly, cheaper to choose Windows over Linux. In fact it has been the basis of a recent ad campaign.

Real time solutions justify the cost, say users

A commonly heard complaint when real time IT implementations are being considered is the apparently prohibitive cost -- that the return on investment is too small to justify the hefty up-front expense. But for two companies, this perception turned out to be untrue.

Crypto is key to data control

Whitfield Diffie, chief security officer at Sun Microsystems, likes to dole out his first tenet of IT security, and it’s one that one no one should forget.

Nova Scotia's doctors build medical portal

One of the most frustrating aspects of both the Internet and individual Web sites is trying to find what you are after. But for those in the medical profession, time is often in short supply.

Can the Internet be brought to a halt?

The recent attack on all 13 domain name root servers, along with a recently released paper, has intensified the debate as to whether it is theoretically possible to completely shut down the Internet. The DNS attack successfully shut down seven of the servers for approximately an hour at the end of October.

Oracle targeting Microsoft customers

In a move designed to take advantage of the migration of Microsoft Corp.'s customers from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 and their likely willingness to look at other solutions during the process, Oracle Corp. announced the release of Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 at OracleWorld on Monday.

New security certification launched

With an increased focus on security throughout the industry, there is a move to add a designation specific to security managers.The Rolling Meadows, Ill.-based, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) recently introduced a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) designation. The CISM designation is aimed at "security professionals who may want some recognition for the years of knowledge and experience that they have built up as security managers" said Robert Coles, a London-based partner with KPMG LLP.