Stories by Sheila Lam

Is big data too big to handle?

Despite the enthusiasm, how many big data conversations have turned into actual implementation? What prevents from enterprises from big data adoption? To find out why firms aren't rolling out this hot new tech, Computerworld began a survey in May this year.

Basics make perfect

Fancy a visit to the store-of-the-future? It's nicely decorated, and your shopping cart computer displays promotional items and your shopping history (by checking the transactions on your RFID-enabled card) as you stroll the aisles. Digital signs change to display information based on your personal interests, as the RFID device passes displays and transmits data from your previous shopping experiences.

Seismic SCM shifts

Logistics is one of the pillars of Hong Kong's economy. But facing fierce competition from China and international players, local logistics players are looking for a new edge. Managing supply chains becomes ever more critical.

Mercury optimizes business

Changing business environments and requirements are the major factors for failure in IT initiatives, according to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Mercury Interactive, a business technology optimization (BTO) software provider.

Belkin entering SME world

U.S.-based Belkin, known for its iPod accessories and audio visual products, is expanding its product portfolio into the enterprise space with its latest wireless network product.

Case Study: Shifting gears

".Net or Java?" was an ongoing debate in the early days of web services. But with the maturity of standards, integration of applications developed using these languages is no longer a key technical issue.

Stacking data

Hong Kong-based container transport and logistics company Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is enjoying great benefits from its Web strategy. According to CIO Ken Chih, the cost of handling a typical customer shipment has fallen from US$294.66 via telephone to US$10.53 via the Web "self-service".

Get biz-savvy with less work

Insurance firm MassMutual Asia's IT team now finds it much easier to generate reports for its business users, thanks to a business intelligence (BI) project implemented last year.

Satellite links oceangoing offices

Internet connections are obligatory in an enterprise environment, and linking global offices with a wide area network (WAN) isn't rocket science either. But what about linking office environments bobbing around like corks in the middle of the ocean?

Get smart with BI

Business intelligence (BI) is in the eye of the media, no longer as the industry's new buzz word but as a technology fast attaining maturity. With market consolidation on the rise, the technology is gaining momentum in Asia.

Intel to build a national computing grid for China

Intel China announced yesterday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to build a national computing grid that connects 100 China’s leading universities.

Veritas CEO: Veritas to bloom on EMC's buy

As EMC closes its deal to acquire storage software vendor Legato Systems Inc., Veritas Software will continue to benefit from its independence in the market, said Gary Bloom, CEO of Veritas at a technical conference in Beijing, China.