Stories by Erik Sherman

Silicon mesa

A great climate and a relaxed atmosphere might sound wonderful to someone who's been in an IT pressure cooker too long. And it would sound even more wonderful if the region around Albuquerque, N.M., could offer plentiful jobs in addition to all of that. After all, the area bills itself as the Silicon Mesa, an up-and-coming high-tech job mecca. And at first glance, things seem promising here.

Widen Wireless Highway Before Adding Gadgets

With its recent announcement introducing wireless messaging middleware, IBM Corp. is joining other vendors in proclaiming that it's time for mobile workers to connect to corporate back offices while in transit. Enabling mobile workers to use wireless Internet access from cell phones, PDAs and even pagers to reach databases and applications sounds fine, until a closer examination shows some major problems that no piece of middleware will cure.

Tennessee's Tech Corridor

If you picture Tennessee as little more than a destination for country and western musicians, you're thinking about the wrong type of keyboard.

Keeping Your Staff Marketable

When Torbjorn Dimblad considered job offers in 1997, training was upmost on his mind. After all, there wasn't much call from information technology shops for his major in Asian studies. But he had taken exactly one computer class in college, and he wanted to work in technology. That's why he took a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Phoenix Rising: Not All Dry Land and Desert

If you think of Phoenix as an arid desert town with little to offer, start reconsidering. Although it's hot as blazes there, so is the job market, with 60,000 new residents per year and a steady unemployment rate of 2.9 percent, according to a market report commissioned by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

The Reselling Of Atlanta

When naming high-tech meccas, Atlanta probably doesn't top your list. A new local campaign hopes to change that, but is it really needed?

Long Island -- Land of Plenty

Time for a career search in person? Climb into a cab and let Max take you to Long Island, N.Y. - proof that you can have a hot job market and lots of people and still leave room for beaches and farms.

ERP Attitude Adjustments

IT professionals like to hitch their career wagons to the most popular stars. A year or two ago, enterprise resource planning (ERP) seemed to be just the ticket. Predictions of 30 percent annual growth in the ERP market were flying, and the demand created by corporations lining up to install ERP systems was driving up salaries of those with experience in software from SAP AG, PeopleSoft Inc. or Baan Co.

The Silicon Sandbar

Cape Cod, Mass., a flexed arm of a landmass jutting into the Atlantic 60 miles south of Boston, is having a virtual economic renaissance. Tourism and fishing still reign, but they've been joined by a wave of entrepreneurs trading blue suits for boat shoes, creating a new nickname for the area: the Silicon Sandbar. All this means opportunities for IT professionals who long for a more relaxed pace of life.