Stories by Mario Apicella and Scott Tyler Shafer

Opinion: Tape libraries aren't dumb

Here comes another column about innovation -- you know, that new stuff that keeps this industry moving along? This time, we're not talking about virtualization or iSCSI, but a new twist in the world of tape: tape libraries.

Target: ISCSI

It doesn't take a financial genius to understand that the combination of iSCSI transport and SATA (Serial ATA) devices offers the most cost-effective approach to networked storage. To understand how and why, let's refresh our memories about those two technologies.

HP's partner search

If you think making storage devices from different vendors coexist harmoniously in your data centre is difficult, consider how baffling it must be for HP to consolidate two distinct — and possibly overlapping — lines of storage products from premerger Compaq and Hewlett-Packard.

Microsoft: storage supernova?

You may have not noticed, but Microsoft is playing a fairly significant role in the storage market. The Redmond, Wash.-based software supernova came out of practically nowhere to capture nearly 30 percent of the NAS market, according to IDC, since the introduction of its WPN (Windows Powered NAS) two years ago. This summer, it'll release Version 3.0, as well as a Web download that augments the forthcoming .Net server to support iSCSI. Has Microsoft truly arrived?

Opinion: Beyond performance

The pride and self-praise displayed by EMC during its recent announcement of the Symmetrix DMX storage arrays was understandable. The new product line, built around an architecture that offers internal, many-to-many, and independent connectivity paths between disk devices, cache memory, and server ports, lures customers with transactional and data analysis benchmarks that, according to EMC, leave comparable bus- or switched-data transport solutions in the dust.

Peace before the storm?

So far, 2003 has been a pretty quiet year for the storage industry. But all that changes this week with EMC's introduction of its new Symmetrix system.

A story of strategies

It was just about a year ago today that EMC pushed aside the engineer that put it on the map. The engineer is Moshe Yanai, and the product he created is the EMC Symmetrix.

The great divide

Earlier this year, EMC introduced a new product aimed at a market they labeled content addressed storage. Ostensibly, this type of storage is a repository for data that needs to be archived but also needs to be handy for occasional access.

Show us the innovation

We're sick of it, sick of it all. Sitting at the semiannual Storage Networking World conference last month in the hellhole commonly known as Orlando, Florida, one of us (Mario was working in the lab) realized a few things -- we're sick and tired of hearing about SRM (storage resource management) software, standards, and anything that reeks of interoperability.

Back-burner storage

Good cooks instinctively know when a dish is ready to be moved to the back of the stove. By putting it on the back burner over low heat, they free both their minds and the front of the stove for preparing additional items.