Stories by Alan Shimel

Firemon brings policy automation to policy management

One of the neat things about my role as a consultant to the security industry is that I get to interact with lots of smart people and companies. One of the companies I occasionally consult for is Firemon. Their President/CEO Jody Brazil is one of the sharper people in the infosec space. Last week was a big week for Firemon, as they made two very significant announcements.

In Pictures: 10 open source projects that power the Cloud

With recent negative reports from Gartner and Zenoss, it seems “dump on open source Cloud” season is open. For those quick to point the finger at some of these technologies that may not have the market share some expect, it would be good to remember that without open source, it would be difficult to have a Cloud at all.

See it, protect it, control it: A roundtable discussion

Network World recently asked blogger Alan Shimel, co-founder and managing partner of The CISO Group, to host a roundtable discussion with representatives from three sectors of the security community: a practitioner, an analyst and a vendor. The wide-ranging conversation touched on everything from the state of threats today to the failure of risk management, the need to share information and a massive attack suffered by the user.