Stories by Charles Bermant

E-mail habits are risky business

If your business lacks a strict policy governing e-mail behavior, you could be putting yourself at risk of legal action. That's because e-mail in the workplace now qualifies as a business record, a new E-Mail Survey points out.

S3 Spin-Off Develop Net Appliance

What would happen if you left your PC and your cordless phone on a desk overnight, and they managed to breed? The result would probably resemble a device from Frontpath that's designed as a personal, personalizable Internet access device.

Your Personal Lackey Is Online

E-mail, voice-mail, instant messaging, cell phones, Web phones, and more ... ever feel like you're way too wired? With all this technology, it's clear that the modern worker has too much to do and not enough time to accomplish it all. Now, a company called is using technology to give some time back to you.

S3 Closes Diamond

The multimedia add-in board business is starting to resemble an episode of Survivor--pretty soon, only one may be left. The latest casualty is S3 Inc., a once powerful graphics vendor that decided to shut down its board business when it could not find a suitable partner.

Actioneer Simplifies Searches

No matter how powerful and informative the Internet has become, some of us still think it is too darn hard. To this end, Actioneer has released a product of the same name designed to simplify online searches by streamlining the whole concept of "favorites."

Cyberangels Watch Over Kids Online

The Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which regulates how commercial sites can interact with young surfers, is almost impossible for the Federal Trade Commission to enforce alone. To help out, a citizens' group called Cyberangels is taking a systematic look at sites that collect information about children and blowing the whistle on those that do not comply.

Utility Combats 'Spyware'

Are you among the Netizens warming up to advertising-supported software, which can mean getting a full-featured program essentially for free? The "catch" is that ads are part of the interface, and they're watching you while you're watching them, privacy advocates warn.

ReplayTV Update: TV of Tomorrow?

Replay TV wants to change modern viewing habits--but first it has to attract some customers. In an effort to convince you that you need another peripheral, the service has lowered its price and enhanced its features. The set-top unit's list price is now down to $599, and it could sell for up to $100 less in some places.

Net Becomes Everyday Tool

As the Internet increases in popularity it is becoming less exciting. People tend to go online not to "surf" anything, but to handle mundane, day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

AltaVista Goes Multimedia

In an effort to pave an easier path to all that the Web offers, AltaVista Co. has upgraded its search engine to seek out specific video and audio files as well as text references.

What Does DoubleClick Know About You?

A new advertising database that determines your identity and sends specifically targeted banner ads to your browser is under attack as a serious threat to personal privacy.

Are viruses Y2K compliant?

As if there isn't enough uncertainty about Y2K, computer virus experts advise extra care to inoculate before the century turns, lest a virus take advantage of Y2K chaos.
Their concern? A millennium virus may go unnoticed in the Y2K confusion.