Stories by Daniel Briere

2007: The year of motion applications

Several times over the years, I've suggested you corner your CEO and whisper some sweet IT in his/her ear. Well, it's that time again -- you can help drive some near-term innovation and differentiation into your firm's product lineup that builds on an up-and-coming technology: motion-enabled applications.

Has anything really changed?

In scanning the coverage of the telecom recovery, we read about the excesses of the past and how we "know better" now. Everyone is singing the same tune: "Things are so different now." . . . "We'll never return to the 'old days.'" . . . It'll never be the same." And the sad part is, most people believe it.

If Bernie Ebbers Were in the White House

With the fall election just around the corner, we'd like to give our top 20 reasons why Bernie Ebbers should run for president. (Yes, we know he's from Canada - but this is our column, not yours.)