Stories by Dennis O'Reilly

Beyond Search: Google Specialty Services

Even people who have never opened a Web browser in their life know about Google -- but the undisputed king of search is about much more than just keywords, text ads, and ten-per-page results.

Mapping software loses its way

You can save a couple hundred bucks by opting for one of the two most popular GPS-enabled mapping programs instead of a stand-alone GPS device, but you'll lose a lot of simplicity--and some accuracy--in the bargain. Both mapping products require either a laptop or a PDA for navigation.

Live Search mapped results get 3D views

My first tour of Virtual Earth 3D in the Windows Live Search beta left me impressed by its bird's-eye view and by the easy access to information about local businesses (including free phone calls to them); but as you would expect with a beta, the service is still only halfway there.

ICANN domain-name agreement windfall for Verisign

After several years of squabbling, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) last night agreed to let VeriSign manage the valuable .com domain of Web addresses until 2012.

Wi-Fi improvements in the works

New wireless standards intended to enhance security and support high-bandwidth applications are in the works and will appear in products by the end of next year, say industry analysts at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, last week.

Pentagon pushes next version of IP

The next version of the Internet Protocol, which provides a 128-bit standard to transmit data, is getting a jump-start for adoption with its endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense. The result: A boost in the number of available Internet addresses, to eventually number as many as an address for every cell in every person on the planet.

Andreessen still a Web booster

Everyone knows the Web boom has gone bust. Everyone except Marc Andreessen, creator of Mosaic, the first graphical Web browser. He described his optimistic vision, including widespread adoption within ten years and an increase in Web-based applications, speaking this week at the Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco.

Video still a challenge for the Web

Even advocates of the digital video industry are saying that you'll be squinting for a while longer at those postage stamp-size video playback windows on your PC.

COMDEX - ASPire Awards honour ASP success stories

If you think application service providers are just a passing phase, think again. The ASP Industry Consortium, in its first ASPire Awards Show at Comdex, made one thing clear: ASPs are here to stay.