Stories by Eric Foster-Johnson

Tips for Interviews

I recently interviewed a candidate who arrived an hour early, fully expecting the interview to take place then, and offering no explanation for the change in time. Aside from putting me off, the incident got me
thinking about some basic job interview rules.

Scheduling the Space-Time Continuum with Minkowsky

Billed as the Space/Time manager, Minkowsky uses a client-server approach to allow group members to share and manage their schedules together. The Minkowsky server manages the data for all users while allowing them to access the schedule data from the Minkowsky client running on the users' desktop PCs.

Analysis: Open source IDE overshadows commercial competitors

IBM recently made available one of the better Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), especially for Java development. Eclipse is an open-source IDE written mostly in Java that, in terms of the user interface's responsiveness and utility, is hard not to like.

Web-based Accounting on a Linux Desktop?

The lack of financial applications comprises a major complaint about using Linux on the desktop. SQL-Ledger, a Web-based multi-user double-entry accounting system, can help address some of those concerns.